Ice Cream Sandwich Plush

In collaboration with Squishable, designed, created, and manufactured a whimsical comfort food-themed stuffed animal.


What, why?

Squishable first found success in it's super soft and love-able stuffed plush creatures. Later they expanded to a new frontier: Comfort food. Through their open squish platform, I submitted my sketches and worked with the team to bring this friendly creation to life. I've always wanted to make a stuffed animal and now I can check that box off. Not to mention, it makes a great icebreaker. If you'd like to check it out--they're still available at

 Top view

Top view

 Back view

Back view


And from a designing for joy perspective, it is also so incredibly heart-warming to read glowing reviews from happy customers and to have friends of mine randomly send me photos  when they stumble upon this little guy in storefronts all around the U.S.

This may be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen...and i’ve given birth to two kids. sorry girls, but sammy the ice cream sandwich wins.
— Jenny V. From Minneapolis