Airbnb Typography & Motion

Various pieces of typography and motion work that I worked on for Airbnb’s product and Art Department needs.


The Vegetarian Taxidermist

For an upcoming docu-series about truly spectacular Airbnb Experiences hosts--I was given free reign to ideate potential visual direction for the first episode. I knew it would be fun to explore the peculiar nature of a taxidermist who happens to also be a vegetarian. The brief was to incorporate the animals into a odd but playful style. The spectrum was odd as you can probably imagine.



Social Franchise Motion Branding

Was asked to create visual branding through motion for Airbnb's four social franchises: Not Yet Trending, Brought ToYou By, Based on a True Review, and Live From. Each execution played up the unique offerings of the franchise. For example Not Yet Trending's mark animation resembles bar graphs filling in since all of the locations highlighted are first derived from our product data.

One of my favorite explorations included altering Airbnb's Belo to draw unique symbols for each franchise. Giving them a unique personality that then fits back into the larger brand. (2).gif


New Category Cards

With the announcement of Airbnb Concerts, we also introduced some more categories for Experiences that you will soon be able to search by. 



Experience Host Posters

For a special event, we brought in local Experience hosts to share their passions with our guests. From pop-up coffee stations to printing seminars, each poster was produced and displayed at each host's station.